Childgarden Preschool originated in a Coquitlam home in 2007 and relocated in September 2015 In Port Moody. It has been a long time vision of ours to expand the preschool to accommodate our active waitlist and needs of our families. The new location is at the corner of Spring St. and Grant St. and continues to reflect the Childgarden Preschool our families know and love.
It is situated within an easy walking distance to beautiful Rocky Point Park. 

The new space is over twice the size of the original preschool. Our classroom features one large area creating an open and airy learning environment. We are also fortunate enough to have separate space for an indoor gym to fully explore gross motor development. A special feature of the facility is the large lobby which is a warm and
welcoming space for families and their children to spend time together during the transition from home to school. 

Childgarden Preschool has been created and designed with careful consideration for an inspired environment. Childgarden Preschool is decorated in soothing colours that don’t over stimulate the senses and allow for optimum display of your children’s artwork and creations. There are natural items such as shells, driftwood, plants and rocks to connect your child with the outdoors. There are many floor to ceiling mirrors to reflect and add dimension to the classroom.
Multiculturalism and diversity are reflected in many areas of the classroom to welcome all of the children and families in our community. 

An important aspect to our preschool is the ‘atelier’. The atelier is an integral aspect to the classrooms of Reggio Emilia. It is simply our art studio; a wonderful space where creativity flows with little interruption. We believe in providing high quality art materials, having them always available, and presenting them in a provoking, appealing and exciting manner. 

Our preschool has many areas that invite children to become engaged; a large light table, two sensory tables; one usually with sand or other interesting dry sensory materials and the other with water. A homey dramatic area draws children in to explore with their imaginations and develop social skills. There are book shelves, and cozy areas to read with a friend or a teacher and an ever changing variety of puzzles and games. A large carpet is located for our group gatherings and serves as a spacious area for building with blocks, train tracks, etc. literacy, math, science, socials and art are embedded into our program and occur organically throughout our classroom; inside and outside. 

We have a fenced-in garden area for the children to dig in the sandbox and a garden to get close up with nature. 

All indoor and outdoor facilities are strictly supervised and meet all safety criteria from the Ministry of Children and Families.