Our philosophy is to create a love of learning. Through play, your child will explore, interact, investigate and experiment through planned experiences set up in the classroom as learning centres. We believe children are capable of amazing insights. Educators work alongside the children to observe and develop in-depth investigations that reflect and are built upon authentic interests of the children. making their preschool experience fun, exciting and relevant to them and their world. Educators extend and expand these interests to create deep, meaningful learning opportunities which lay the foundation for future learning.


It would be well for the teacher of young children to keep in mind the word 'Kindergarten' - thinking of the classroom as a 'Childgarden'. The gardener does not try to pattern her plants; she accepts their differences in growth and design. She protects them, nurtures them, but lets them do their own growing. She does not poke at the seed to make it sprout more quickly, or try to pull open teh first buds. In a child care center we will see as many varieties of children as there are flowers, each one interesting and beautiful in its own right".
Kindergarten - [Mid-19th century. < German, “children’s garden"