At Childgarden Preschool, family involvement is encouraged at any and all levels. Although not designated a Parent Participation Preschool, any level of participation a family wishes to provide is welcomed.

Many families feel that Parent Participation is an important factor in their child’s early education and social experiences. We also know that many parents can’t meet the demands of a registered Parent Participation Preschool, as they require signi cant time commitment that can be very dif cult or impossible for working families, or families with other children. At Childgarden Preschool, we welcome you to join in anyway that ts your family.

There will be a monthly sign up sheet if you’d like to participate in the classroom as a duty parent. You may contribute play dough, be a class representative, or volunteer to coordinate recycled materials, help on eldtrips, or volunteer to assist social get togethers for the preschool, etc. Most importantly, we’d like the preschool to re ect the children’s families and community. We welcome your family to share your heritage with us. We would be honored for you to share with us your customs, celebrations, food, costumes, dance, music, art and stories.