The preschool will be closed on all statutory holidays and all public school holidays including (Christmas, BC Family day, Easter and Summer).

Professional Development Days 
The preschool is closed for school district 43 professional development days and provincial non-instructional days

Last week of classes 
Preschool classes end the second week of June, with a celebration. The last two weeks of June are dedicated to parent-teacher conferences, inventory and in-depth cleaning.

Please allow plenty of time for transition. Please call or email if your child is going to be absent from class.

The doors open promptly at the end of class. You are welcome to come in and have your child show you what they are working on and what’s happening in the classroom.

  • Inform the teacher by telephone if the authorized adult is unable to pick up your child. (Provide the name and description of the adult who will be picking up your child in their place. A teacher will ask to see picture I.D. if a person is unfamiliar to them).

  • Be aware that teachers will not release your child to an adult who appears to be “under the influence”. Alternate plans will be made at the time.

  • Pick up your child promptly at the end of class. We would appreciate a phone call if you are going to be late. Ongoing lateness will result in your child's enrollment being terminated. 

Gradual Entry: The first of week of school is a process of gradual entry to your child’s preschool experience. The classes will be one hour long, and will start at the regular time on regular days. Snack will not be necessary.

Toilet Trained: In order for our program to function at its best, all children must be toilet trained before starting preschool. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities or staff required to change children on a regular basis. We understand preschool age children are still mastering the skills to use the toilet independently and may require assistance and changing from occasional accidents.

Tax Receipts: Will be issued in January for the September to December term and January to June term. Please keep these receipts as they can be used towards your income taxes, and will be issued only once.

Child’s Birthday: We celebrate children’s birthday’s with a focus on making each child’s day special. Should you wish to have a birthday party for your child please arrange this outside of preschool class times. Please do not bring cake, food or goodie bags on your child’s birthday as we will plan to celebrate in our own Childgarden fashion.

Water: We encourage children to drink water, we ask you to provide a water bottle daily that your child may keep handy to drink when they wish. Please mark with your child’s name.

Indoor Shoes: Please send comfortable indoor shoes ONLY on wet days. Indoor shoes MUST not be slippers and have a firm sole as we conduct fire drills monthly and children must be able to go outside during these events or emergencies.

Backpacks: Backpacks should be sent to school each day with a complete extra set of clothes, and comfortable indoor shoes. Please ensure all items and backpack are labelled with your child’s name.

Suitable Attire: Please send your child in clothing that is suitable for painting and other messy activities. We want children to feel comfortable about exploring with many textures and experiences without worrying about their clothing. Please send your child in clothing layers, that are appropriate for outdoor weather conditions.

Field Trips: When field trips arise, the class will walk if possible, and if this is not possible, arrangements for transportation will be the sole responsibility of each parent. You may form carpools as you wish but advise the teacher of these arrangements and any changes. Please remember children are not safe sitting in the front seat, and child safety seats or booster seats must be provided and installed as required. Volunteer drivers should ensure they have minimum $2,000,000 liability. If your child will be away on a field trip please advise the preschool.

Parking: Parking is available in front of the preschool on Spring St or on Grant St or Clarke St. Please do not park across from or beside the preschool in privately marked parking spaces. These are strictly monitored and we wish to maintain positive relationships with our neighbours. Thank you. 

Withdrawal From Preschool: Withdrawal From Preschool: One month’s written notice must be given if it becomes necessary to withdraw your child from the preschool. If this one month’s notice is not given, payment for the next month’s tuition is payable in full. All other post dated cheques will be returned.

Withdrawal from preschool is not refundable for the months of May and June as the preschool is operated as a 10 month program and withdrawal at this time would be detrimental to the preschool and program.

Suitability For Program: We recognize and celebrate a diverse group of children and families at Childgarden. If a child has behavioural challenges which the staff and program cannot cope with to the extent that we can not operate and fulfill our program to it's full potential, support may be requested for the child. Supported Child Development is our first option for support. If funding is not available it will be the parent’s responsibility to pay for support for the child in order for the child to continue within the program, or withdrawal may be recommended.

We welcome parent involvement and communication for the best interest of children, the families and the program. Parent’s may be asked to withdraw their child if parents/families have continued concerns about our program and a mutual resolution is not found, parents and staff then have the right to ask that the child be withdrawn, in this case while post dated cheques will be returned, fees for the current month will not be reimbursed.

Subsidy: Childgarden Preschool accepts government subsidy for families that qualify. For more information on applying for subsidy program and eligibility please visit Applicants waiting on subsidy approval are required to pay fees in full, upon receipt of authorization and receipt of subsidy allowance, Childgarden Preschool & Discoveries will refund the balance.

Program Feedback: In order to maintain good communication, we encourage feedback, both positive and critical. Please feel free to share your suggestions, comments or concerns, either by phone, email, see us in person after class, or drop a note into the suggestion box.

NSF Cheques: Any NSF cheques will be charged a fee of $25.00. If payment is not received the preschool reserves the right to terminate enrolment.