Childgarden is pleased to offer inspiring educator workshops  Our practical workshops provide teachers with the opportunity to share challenges and successes in our work with children.  Feel free to contact us to inquire about our educator workshops (environment, documentation, provocations...) or schedule a professional visit to Childgarden Preschool. We learn so much from the collaboration and experiences of others too:)

Workshops Offered:

- Communicating Through Art (2 hour workshop)

What our reviews say:

“Very good workshop! Love it! Thanks!” “Very inspirational” “Very lovely and inspiring”

“It’s really very informative, full of artistic views” “Visually appealing, nicely organized”

“It was a great workshop with lots of amazing arts”

- The Effectiveness of Emotional Literacy in Early Childhood Education (2 hour workshop)

 "Both facilitators are very knowledgeable in their topics. I like how they presented real documentations!" 

"Very informative - appreciated the pedagogical narrations/documentation."      

"I love both teachers approach. They were open and welcoming, putting everyone at ease."

- Thinking About a Responsive Curriculum:  Moving Beyond Natural Materials and Loose Parts (4,5 or 6 hour workshop)

"What aspects of the workshop were the most valuable?"...

"Seeing the centre was very valuable. Inspiring to hear and see specific examples of emergent programming."

"Looking at the environment and learning different ways to offer material to the children and display documentation."

"Very genuine way of sharing best practices. Very inspiring!"

"- Thinking Deeply About A Reggio Inspired Program (4,5 or 6 hour workshop)

"What aspects of the workshop were the most valuable?"...

-"Inspiring children to create things from their point of view."

-"The art projects which flows with children's thought and ideas with no limits."

-"The environment setting and the materials in the class were very inspiring."