Getting to Know the Story of One by Kathryn Otoshi

As educators we are constantly trying to find ways to connect children with the idea of friendship, kindness and connectedness.  This story of 'One' by Kathryn Otoshi clearly demonstrates to children how the power of just one person can make a change and the impact of community on well-being and belonging.  Children are drawn to the simplicity of the language and illustrations.  One could hear a pin drop as children absorb the words of the story and interpret it in their own unique ways.  

  “Maybe Red is trying to say sorry”

“My favourite colour is red!”

“How do you think blue feels if red is big and he is small?”

“Maybe one day he’ll be big like that”


“I think he got not scared because red got smaller”

“Maybe because he said he wanted a friend named purple.”

“1,4, 3, and 5 will save them”

We will revisit this story throughout our year and see what unfolds within in our classroom as children begin to understand the importance of courage, friendship and a true sense of inclusiveness.  We wonder how you embrace this idea within your family and welcome your thoughts for us to ponder...