Soft start with books and puzzles

Group Gathering 

Music and Movement
Discussion of current project and activities in the classroom.

Activity Time
Children participate in projects and move independently around activity learning areas such as:

  •  Science Table
  • Literacy, Math and Science centres
  • Water Table
  • Sand and Sensory Table
  • Light Table
  • Art Areas
  • Exploring Materials (Play Dough, Clay, Paper) • Blocks, Building
  • Dramatic PlayPuzzles and Games

Open Snack
We advocate an ‘open’ snack policy, where children are free to have their snack when they are hungry. This allows your child to finish their ‘work’ without interruption, and reduces the number of transitions, which can be difficult for some children. We believe meals should be a time for engaging in social interaction, and usually, children will join their friends as soon as they see them washing their hands and getting ready to enjoy a snack.

Eating with friends is an important part of each child’s social development, however we do not encourage sharing of food due to potential for allergic reactions. As we are also a “Nut Free Zone” please do not send nuts or nut products of any kind in your child’s snack. We provide a specific table for eating and remind children to wash their hands before eating snack. We encourage nutritious snacks such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, muffins, and juice, water or milk. Please send snacks in recyclable containers that are labeled with your child’s name (we try to reduce garbage and increase the children’s awareness of the environment). Thank you! 

Clean Up

Circle Time

  • Phonics Program
  • Music and Movement Stories
  • Group Games

Daily Gross Motor Development and Outdoor Exploration:

Gym for Gross Motor development and fenced in Garden for digging and growing. Frequent adventures to Rocky Point Park will enable the children to discover nature changing throughout the seasons, as well as provide large open grass areas to explore and a fantastic playground to enjoy. We will be running regular classes outside at Rocky Point Park, providing children with uninterrupted access to nature.